A Cavalier for Milady

Check out our Trailer for A Cavalier for Milady!

You Are Perfect

Nancy Wolfe discusses her role as "The Woman"

*NANCY WOLFE of the 1976 TV special "Helter Skelter" plays "The Woman" in the fascinating new play YOU ARE PERFECT written and directed by Cyndy A. Marion. In this video exclusive, Nancy hints at the essence of her mysterious character.

Cyndy A. Marion talks about her play YOU ARE PERFECT

First time Writer-Director Cyndy A. Marion shares what sparked the idea for her compelling new play, YOU ARE PERFECT.

You Are Perfect Toronto Fringe

Trailer for "You Are Perfect" Toronto

A sneak peak of YOU ARE PERFECT Toronto Fringe! Written by Cyndy A. Marion; directed by Rhys J. McClelland. Featuring: Lindsay Danielle Gitter, Kristin Samuelson & Alexander Reed.